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The Green City is a sensible and sustainable city, meant to show and touch the vanguard of green living and building. Green Utopia 2015 is an event that comes back to Fabbrica del Vapore’s spaces for its second edition, from 14 April to 8 May 2015.

Green Utopia 2015 shows real examples of the most innovative and concrete response to contemporary needs in terms of sustainability for architecture, design and interior design: examples of raw earth buildings, one of the key materials of the new architecture with unsurpassed qualities of ecological sustainability; bamboo, considered the natural steel for its static capacity, widely used in Asia; arundo donax reed, a local material from natural building techniques; straw, which can provide highly insulated and healthy homes with a considerable earthquake resistance; willow, for creating real living architectures that grow and change appearance going on with time.

Among the other protagonists of Green Utopia 2015, you will find the vegetecture, a project technique that involves the use of the green element in architecture and design; the traditional and technical green, a valid and effective instrument for the new city’s construction; the natural design, latest trend of green design, concerning objects containing plants; urban agriculture, from garden-share to the indoor farms.

The 2014 Green Utopia edition was unanimously considered the most interesting proposal of the whole Milan Design Week; it has been echoed by both online and offline and it has been visited by over 30,000 people, including architects, designers and interior decorators.
This year, in addition to the context of the Milano Design Week, consisting of Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone, Green Utopia “opens the door” at Expo 2015, hosted in Milan from 1st May 2015. The green architecture joins the Expo 2015’s main themes.

In the context of Sharing Design – the event organized by Milano Makers in co-production with the City of Milan and with the sponsorship of the Association for Industrial Design (Adi) – , Green Utopia arose from a collaboration of Maurizio Corrado, architect and journalist, director and founder of Nemeton Magazine, with Milano Makers, designer firm chaired by Cesare Castelli and very active both in the national than in the international reality.
Around the project, a number of active professionals meet in the field of green spaces’ outfitting: architects, designers, installers, landscapers, wellness and alternative agriculture operators.
As for the 2014’s edition, Wolters Kluwer, a publishing company focused on professionals, is the organizational media partner of the event. The collaboration continues with Green Utopia 2015 with a team enriched by experts in communication and professional event planning.

Concept and coordination: Arch. Maurizio Corrado
Project team: Roberto Maci, Riccardo Rigolli, Andrea Facchi, Claudia Mendini, Francesco Poli, Giacomo Mencarini.
Installator for companies: Luca Gnizio
Visual marketing: Paolo Schianchi, Christiane Burklein, Francesco Cibati
Editorial coordinator: Giuseppe Rosa
In collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of the University La Sapienza, Rome; Ziegert, Roswag, Seiler Architekten Ingenieure, Berlin; Caña Viva group, Barcelona
Patronage: Accademia di Belle Arti of Verona; Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna; La Sapienza University of Rome, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture and Design; DMC Design Management Consulting; ADI Industrial Design Association
With the participation of: AIAPP, Italian Association of Landscape Architecture, sect. Lombardia